Why this treatment doesn't exist as plug-in?

Simply, Our processing requires an analysis step it can't be done in real time.

Is this treatment dedicated to a particular type of music?

The algorithm is based on a perceptive model related to the human hearing. No matter the style of the source is, the signal is adjusted to produce intense sensations for the auditor.

How to obtain the best results?

Don't insert any treatment such as clipper, limiter, compressor or equalizer on your master section during the mix/render/bounce, just focus on the mix without searching for loudness.

For 16 bits files, peaks must be in the -6 dB to -3 dB range. For 24 bits files, peaks may be around -18 to -3 dB.

MaximalSound also supports lossy audio formats, but PCM wav, aif, aiff and flac are mandatory for obtaining profesionnal results.

See Good Practices for Mastering

How are the prices calculated?

- Whatever the used file format, the price is calculated on the basis of €2 including VAT per minute.
- The price is rounded to the next minute. Thus a file with a duration of 40 seconds will be charged as a 1 minute file.
- The 4 VIP subscriptions allow a volume discount for large projects by acquiring in advance minutes valid for 12 months. Each purchase of processed file debits the account by the number of minutes according the regular service. Every purchase of additional minutes extends for 12 months the validity of all of the minutes on the account.

How to handle multiple tracks engaged in a single payment?

Simply create a single audio file containing all the pieces to be processed. Grouping the tracks in a single file allows to preserve the differences in the track levels when processed.

A VIP subscription offers an improved service at a better price.

What should I do if the demo is not representative of the song?

The preview is made of five seconds of the original sound followed by 30 seconds of processed audio randomly selected and limited to 25% of the file duration. Just re-upload the same file in order to get a new preview.

White Paper

The MaximalSound Algorithm Overview

How to appear on the the website?

Just send the following:
- A picture (best size 100 x 100 pixels .png or .jpeg)
- Name as artist, producer, label or studio
- A link to any place where people can listen or buy your productions on the web
- A category for your productions
- Your testimony in the language of your choice

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