MaximalSound ist ein algorithmischer Masteringservice, der online rund um die Uhr und an 365 Tagen im Jahr verfügbar ist. Unser Algorithmus stellt die Tonbalance ein, verstärkt den Stereoeffekt und optimiert die Tonstärke, um den höchsten Standards der Branche zu genügen.

Für jede übermittelte Datei liefern wir verschiedene Versionen für unterschiedliche Nutzungen.

Wir bieten Ihnen ein kostenloses Muster an, das aus 5 Sekunden der Ursprungsdatei besteht, gefolgt von 30 Sekunden der bearbeiteten Datei (zufällig ausgewählt und auf 25% der Dauer der Ursprungsdatei beschränkt). Ihre Enddatei ist meist schon in weniger als einer Stunde verfügbar.

Wir berechnen 2 € inkl. Mwst. pro Minute für die Bearbeitung. Für größere Projekte bieten wir die VIP-Abonnements an.


Image Danyair


DJ / Producer

"The master is amazing. Thanks!"

Image Studio Syncope

Studio Syncope


"Very convenient, fast and professional mastering service, highly recommended."

Image Ville Kotiranta

Ville Kotiranta

Darkwave / Synthpop

"After comparing between few other professional mastering engineers I was surprised that the MaximalSound was actually superior. It doesn't only reach professional standard in sound, but also makes my song feel stronger than before. The sound is clear and powerful. I've always struggled with the final touch of my songs, but now I've found the solution. My greatest thanks!"

www.facebook.com/vkotiranta www.mikseri.net/artists/villekotiranta.122946.php kotiranta.bandcamp.com
Image Lianne Morgan

Lianne Morgan

Rock / Pop / Country

"Maximalsound meets industry standard and more. They are professional, and a cost effective way of getting your tracks mastered."

Image NEVU


Beats / Hip Hop

"Maximal Sound es una gran herramienta para masterizar o pre masterizar producciones tanto preliminares (demos) como finales. Lo uso para encontrar fallas en la mezcla asi como para finalizar mis producciones y elevarlas a un mejor sonido. El servicio es rápido, barato y hace un buen trabajo, recomiendo a todos los beatmakers y productores con presupuesto apretado , funciona mejor en mezclas sin mucha compresión y por debajo de -6 db."

nevu.bandcamp.com soundcloud.com/nevu
Image Michael Clark

Michael Clark

Electro house / Minimal Techno

"Je fais tous mes mastering ici depuis la première écoute... le résultat est fantastique et les labels me félicitent. Un Grand Merci et Bravo a Maximalsound."

Image Prince Louie Montana

Prince Louie Montana

Hip Hop / Pop

"Shootouts to MaximalSound they have made all my songs sound fantastic with their great mastering on the songs I have sent them. I am really grateful as my music sounds great and meets the requirement the industry needs thanks to MaximalSound."

Image Ed Ockelton

Ed Ockelton

The Monkey DJ

"When producing mashups and bootlegs to play out live, I don't have the budget (or the time) for "Proper Mastering". MaximalSound is a cost effective way of getting your tunes to a professionally acceptable standard on a cheap per tune basis. My tunes have been tested out on big soundsystems and they sound great!"

Image Andrzej Janusz - Indistinct Rec

Andrzej Janusz - Indistinct Rec

Pop / Rock / Big Beat / EDM

"I have always believed that mastering is a "spark of God" for musical production and must not be spared on it, and it must be done by the best expert on what we can afford. Previous records were mastered by Tom Meyer (Master & Servant - DE) or Kevin Paul (GB) and Grzegorz Piwkowski (High-End Audio - PL). Since I read an interview with Mr. Laurent Sevestre from curiosity I tried Maximal Sound's work. I was skeptical but after listening to mastering I went crazy. The guy knows what he does :) And so mastering of the new album Sumptuastic "Everything has its time" was created entirely in MaximalSound. And next productions Inistinct Rec will be tuning only there :) Thank you and I will recommend to everyone :)"

Image BIOT Didier / Didebmo

BIOT Didier / Didebmo

Variété / Pop / World / Techno

"J’ai découvert très récemment Maximalsound.com. Cela faisait des années que le mastering posait souvent un problème de budget pour les groupes et musiciens pour qui je compose et j’arrange. J’ai été vraiment impressionné par la qualité du travail fourni par Maximalsound. Vu le rapport qualité prix, je pense que rares seront encore les musiciens qui hésiteront à faire masteriser leurs morceaux. Chapeau Maximalsound !"

www.youtube.com/results?search_query=didier+biot+new+beat www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZB5VFq-vNdM www.youtube.com/watch?v=jh3nBUhUpVU soundcloud.com/didebmo
Image Pilgerhertz


Alternative Music / Electronic Rock / Spoken Word / Experimental Composition

"My music should - in combination with meaningful lyrics - increase the measure of love and understanding in this world, base on tolerance and democratic values. Thanks for your help."

pilgerhertz.bandcamp.com www.youtube.com/pilgerhertz
Image Hero No More

Hero No More

Norwegian Deathcore

"Check it out you will like it."