MaximalSound rewards its loyal customers.

VIP Access

The VIP offers vary by the amount of purchased units and offered bonuses.

Become a VIP

Just create a VIP account using your email address and a password by your leave. A validation email is sent to activate your VIP account. Then, your account can be fed with units purchased with a volume discount.

What's a Unit?

One unit corresponds to 7.5 MB of processed data.

The unit count is rounded to the lower unit in the limit of one unit.
For a treatment corresponding to 0.1 unit, 1 complete unit is counted.
For a treatment corresponding to 8.9 units, only 8 units are counted.

Formats Seconds per Unit
44k 16 bits 45,00
48k 16 bits 41,34
88k 16 bits 22,50
96k 16 bits 20,67
44k 24 bits 30,00
48k 24 bits 27,56
88k 24 bits 15,00
96k 24 bits 13,78
44k 32 bits 22,50
48k 32 bits 20,67
88k 32 bits 11,25
96k 32 bits 10,34


  • Using a VIP account allows simultaneous uploads.
  • A single custom page monitors the jobs progress. Downloads and purchases are also done from this custom page.
  • The random demo sample is extended to 60 seconds.
  • VIP accounts and their units are valid for 1 year.
  • The purchase of new units extends the life of the original VIP account and associated units by one year.
  • The expiry of validity of the last unit causes the closing of the account.
  • A first email alert is sent one month before the expiration date of the account. A last e-mail alert is sent one week before the expiration date.
  • Transaction fees are offered.